Happy Spring Day, Chinese New Year

Tomorrow is the Spring Day.

Happy new year for everyone.

It’s a year of dog, and the 4704 year in China.

Yes, I know. We have a Chinese exchange student living with us, so we’re going to celebrate it.

Funny thing is, he’s promised to cook the food. The best he can do is boil water. :slight_smile: This is going to be fun!

You’ll be eating dog.

Dog tastes terrible.
You can give a try, but I can’t image anybody will like it.



My new work for the new year!

That’s beautiful, Sun! Good work!

And today is also DRAGON GOD’s birthday!! So, to celebrate BOTH events, here’s some cool Dragon artwork!!

No more Rooster year. ;-;

JK, yeah Happy Chinese New Year!

No. There’s some big advantage in viewing the menu before running of.:biggrin:

So, I heard on the news that a lot of people planned to be married once the new year began. Why exactly do people believe the year of the rooster to be so unlucky for that?

I’ve never heard of people avoiding a certain year to marry :stuck_out_tongue:

当过节日才给我们画画吗? 太小气了吧? :P

That sounds pretty crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

??? ?? ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

happy chinese new year, to those that celebrate it.

Hush you. :smiley: Those crazy non-Chinese newspeople were saying it (how people were waiting to marry until after the Year of the Dog began because of this unlucky stigma), and I wanted to know if there was even a kernel of truth behind this supposed superstition. I can’t just wiki it, you know?

Off topic: I’m so tired but for some reason my body’s not letting me be sleepy now. This really sucks!

你也N久没画了不是吗? 你太客气了,hypocrit! <.<

Apparently I was supposed to know by now that it was the Chinese New Year, or so says little Miss Wang from the Chinese/Japanese food place next to our pizza store. I guess that makes me a failure at life.

You’re not a failure in my eyes, demi… just God’s. ^^

自从上了大学之后, 作业一天比一天多… 真是一寸时光一寸金吗!

Wah! Your use of the Mandarin language astounds me! I only know 100 characters… and I don’t know how to type them on my computer… Cless, I take my hat off to you. takes off hat

And you too, DT.