Happy Re-Birthday Jesus Christ!

Keep it cool

Today is the day Jesus rose from the dead, walked around, and freaked some people out.



I’ve counted at least three other Forums I look in on bursting into gigantic religious debates because of “Happy Easter” threads.

Man, isn’t the internet great? Where wishing someone a happy holiday, whether or not they celebrate it or not, makes people so damn stupid?

oh, well. Happy Easter, everyone.

Yeah, happy easter and stuff

He wasn’t exactly reborn, he just rose from the dead. but w/e


Happy un-birthday, perhaps? Happy Un-Birthday, Jesus!

Sweet zombie Jesus!

Don’t forget to enjoy your candy, heathens.

Happy Undeath Day?

Nope it’s Re-Birthday I asked him at church this morning

You need to go hide some colorful eggs to distract his zombie corpse.

I want a Chocolate coated Jesus…

Happy Rebirthday Jesus! :smiley:

No no no, its “keep it <i>classy</i>”. Thats what i say. And everyone <b>needs</b> to act like me. :hint:

Yeah, don’t be a conformist. Lets all act like Devillion

Devillion and Jesus Christ

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All I know is that when my Re-Birthday comes along, I hope I get my own thread for it.

I lol’ed.

We got this free DVD in the mail about Jesus. The dude playing Jesus, his hair didn’t match his beard.

Belated happy chocolate rabbit eating day.