Happy Pi Day

It isn’t the 14th month yet.

There supposedly was a “Hug an engineer” day Friday the 13th yesterday… the one I hugged had a presentation on touch screens (BOO! No DS mentioned!) and a job interview.

… I did have a slice of pizza pie today?

Damn it. Pie totally should have been the food of the day.

Whatever you say, Pieneightfour

Oh, the wit. Just witnessing this makes me think the agora as an arena that Pi(!)ts great minds against each other in matches of expressive mental agility…

Am I being sarcastically complimented for making an intentionally cheesy comment? :frowning:

No, you’re just getting whipped (cream) for your chees(e)y pi(e)-related pun, I think?

(I thought sarcasm and irony were were my weak points in expression.)

Yay for pi day! My professor fed us pie yesterday because we don’t have class on Saturday. Then he lectured us all about pi. Twas fun!

The only time to celebrate Pi day is at 5:29 AM in the morning.

That said…

Happy Belated Pi day! :toast:

As opposed to 5:29 AM at night?