Happy Pearl Harbor Day!

That’s right everyone! It’s Dec. 7th! Time for another Pearl Harbor Day! Hurrah!

Join me would you, in the ritual sinking of battleships. =) I hope you all have a Happy P-day, I know I will be!


I was going to make this thread!

Happy Pearl Harbor day.

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who’s completely insane then! I will leave this thread’s creation completely in your hands next year. =)

Happy P-Day! ^^ :kissy:

A friend of mine once invented a new version of sea battle, which used planes instead of torpedoes.

This is fucking sick. I love it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I think I should post how I fell in love with World War II.

It all started June 2nd 2001. I was in foster care (hell) and we went to the movies. I really didn’t care what we saw. It turned out the movie we did see was Pearl Harbor and I was immeditaly captured by it. I liked Anime and Japan but I knew very little about their role in World War II. I was amazed at the power Japan once had and so I decided to learn more. As I learned more I found out Admiral Yamamoto (My hero) was the man who said Pearl Harbor could be bombed. I began to admire other Admirals as well like Nagumo, Onishi, and others.

How I learned about the Germans and Italians.

Well they were Japan’s allies so that could be an easy explanation of why I learned about them. However for my Birthday in 2002 I was given two books. One was: Rising Sun Victorious: The Alternate History of How the Japanese Won the Pacific War, and the other was Jg 26:Top Guns of the Luftwaffe. Thus I was into the Germans as well. This led to me liking The Panzers as well as the Luftwaffe, and the men who used them.

I think this is simple enough.


Let it never happen again. (a bombing like it I mean, no offense to Japan intended at all).

What is up with communism on this forum? I think by now RPGC has been tagged as a blacklist site by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Communism is the future!

Propaganda is cool

I was going to post that with the others, but steping on the British flag I thought was too disrespectful.

Join the Revolution.

Ion, the fact that the current events the US has experiance proves they really didn’t learn much in the way of foriegn policy from the bombing- maybe it should happen again, it isn’t like the military are real people anymore anyways.


Don’t worry…we’ve probably already been blacklisted for a score of other things by the government.

HI CIA PEOPLE! WE <3 YOU! NO, REALLY! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


ROLF! XD Trillian, seriously Ha! XD You rock. ECK DEE!



Edit: I’d like to add that pretty much every avatar I’ve ever used(with the exceptions of Hein and Frog) are probably on a government blacklist