Happy Overhyped America-specific Harvest Festival!

here’s hoping you all enjoy your long weekend… except for any poor bastards who have to work Black Friday. You’ll be in my prayers.

i work black friday
it’s gonna be fun

Hey, Sil, let’s fight about injuns again.

I like eating food until my stomach ruptures

Pfff, everyone knows Thanksgiving was last month. Silly Americans. ;D

Thanks guys!

Would’ve posted earlier, but the wireless at my granny’s house works perfectly fine unless you try to view web pages with it.

But yeah. I ignore (American) football, so I’m just hanging out now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! Too everyone else, have a wonderful Random Thursday.

I hate you jerks and your days off.

I hate you all so much. :frowning:

I give thanks today for all the good things I have.

Including this site and its people.



I worked Black Friday… surpsisingly less people were out shopping than anticipated and would rather call me to ask inane questions that have nothing to do with a PC.

Nonetheless, It’s also Canada Specific, as it’s a Native tradition… only we have ours a month before y’all :wink:

Where I am, Thanksgiving is an afterthought. I barely hear of anybody celebrating the holiday at all.

Personaly, we’ve never really celebrated it in my family, sooooooo.

The only thing I have to say about non-Cleveland Indians is:

The charade is over. When I see a fat “indian chief” speaking at some government assembly or what have you wearing a nice business suit along with his ostentatious head dress of a thousand feathers, I want to cry, too. Either stop pretending you don’t live in America, or live in teepees and hunt the purple buffalo. No one in America really likes America, except maybe some billionaires. Big deal.

I worked Black Friday. My first two deliveries gave me $10 and $13 for tips, which they should have considering I had to carry 15 pizzas each halfway across the frickin’ mall. Then the next five people stiffed me. Oh, and my transmission died on my way into work, so I had to borrow my sister’s car and now I’m spending $5000 for a new means of transportation. Shit.

Don’t some places pay time and a alf for working black friday? Not sure as I was careful not to have to work it the one time I was actually working that time of year.

I really don;t see why they would. It’s a shitty day to work, yes, but not really a holiday, or overtime. It’s not like you can say that it’s unfair for the employers to make you work black friday.

a poem by Ken

I rebut:

They actually worked the concept of Black Friday into the plot of this week’s CHUCK series, once again proving how awesome the show is by using a mass of scared customers to run over and defeat some spies. :smiley:

Curse You, Writer’s Strike, for cutting this show’s first season short!!! :ark:

Uh ok…I just felt like posting in this thread. :slight_smile: