Happy Mayday, Comrades

I am going to celebrate the people’s holiday by getting extremely inebriated and decorating my genetalia as though it were a maypole. Castro is helping me, hence his absence at Cuba’s Mayday parade.

Happy Tuesday. Damn Europeans and your having more holidays than us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, May 1 is Law Day in the U.S. Created by Ike to celebrate the rule of law in the 50s. Anyway, its a good day to pick fights with political extremists.

May 1 is “Workers’ Day” here. Kinda makes it an oxymoron, naming a day when nobody works like that.

Happy Loyalty Day!

Aw Arac, I’m so proud of you. You went on strike on the 1/5 (5/1, whatever) so you posted the day after.

Nothing better than lazying around on a May day…

I thoguht it was still the first. >.>
Maybe I’d already begun my celebration. . .

Sil: So’s your old man, you islamo-fascist. Or is it too late, now?

As a may day thing here, a bunch of bums and homeless people banded together at the Ottawa city hall and protested against the mayor. They want to be recognized as people or some bullshit like that.

You mean they currently aren’t?

Nah, something about the mayor saying “they’re like pigeons”.

Psh. Happy Beltane! xD spreads cookies

Mayday…we’re going down?

That’s one way to celebrate.

A couple of days late here, but still…
Yes, happy illegal Immigration day!

I have to say that I love May 1st. Not because of any symbolism attached to that date, but simply as the start of my favorite month of the year.
As a kid, May was a month filled with special occasions. May Day was followed by Victory Day, another official state holiday, then a few family birthdays – Grandma’s, aunt Mania’s, myself, and then my mom would take me and my sister to see the world-renowned Moscow Circus. Oh yeah, Mishka the bear was so cute.
Well now, a “few” years later, I celebrate May 1st because RRSP and tax filing seasons are over (I am talking about Beaver land here), and I can get my rake and shovel out, buy some fresh earth, seeds, some potted baby plants, and have fun with my superb veggie garden. Oh yeah, my sweet cherry and Italian tomatoes, my red bell peppers and my green beans, here I come.

Haha, I have Monday off!

That’d be a lot sweeter if I wasn’t going to spend most of it studying.