Happy Freakin' Birthday, Valkyrie Esker!

Let’s all wish a very happy one to everyone’s favorate…whatever the hell Val is.

I got him a cake, but he ate the whole thing before I could tell him there was a stripper in it. Oh well.


Grattis på födelsedagen, grabben :slight_smile:

What she said, Bonne fête espèce de fils de pute!

(I mean that in a good way)


Happy birthday.

I love how the majority of the posts so far have been in languages I don’t know a lick of. For all I know, you could all be saying “Go die in a ditch” Or “I hope you contract hemorroids” Or something.

But let us not be negative, for today is a happy day! One where we celebrate of a great eprson so many years ago, who has brought laughter to so many hearts.

Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks.

Muerete en una cuneta!!

Espero que te den hemorroides!!

Which of course means,


in Spanish. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, Pal o’ Mine, hope you have a great day, full of joy, introspection for the future, and now that you’re of legal age, Booze! :hahaha;

My gift to you:

Hope you like it!! :slight_smile:

I said happy birthday in the happy birthday thread like half a day ago, and no one noticed. : (

Val is staff, gets own thread.

Happy Birthday [STRIKE]Mrs.[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]Mr.[/STRIKE] Mr/s. Esker. I hope you get lots of presents. :slight_smile:

Here are two other languages I hope you like them


I almost missed Val’s birthday! Damn, I must be slipping! Work most definitley is a bitch! Have a great one Val, may all the souls in Valhalla celebrate with us.

so why cant i have my own topic? im staff enough

Happy birthday Val, insert witty comment relating to valkryies or other aspects of Norse mythos here.

What the fuck? No you’re not. You’ve never once contributed anything worthwhile to RPGC. Val made a Shrine or did something to be Staff. You have made no Shrine, and there has certainly never been a Shrine accepted with your name on it. So no, you don’t get your own topic.

Jesus fucking Christ, 984; you need to settle down. I wasn’t being serious. Shit.

HAPPY B-DAY VAL! Good ol’ age 19, I’ll be there soon. Hope you had a fun day and I hope you got to see Superman Returns like you wanted.

Way to steal a Chuck Norris joke, GG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birfday.

So… you live another year. Damnit, what the hell am I doing wrong here? I got to try harder.

Well, happy birthday, late at it may be. Enjoy it…

It will be your last.

Congratulations for not dying for another year! Happy Birthday!