Happy Fall Equinox

Well, today’s the day that everybody is equal in the eyes of Ra the sun god so to some of us this marks the end of stroke inducing summer. To others autum is offically here. So to all of you reading this have your self a merry fall equinox.

I really hate this day. -_-

Edit because my reply sucked: It means it’s already getting colder outside and there will be less sunlight. It’s also back to school so there are people everywhere and you can’t walk on the campus without bumping into some moron.

Everybody, go out an find a level surface and balance it on its end. It’s one of only two days a year that such a feat will work.

Oh ever so joyfully for me, this marks the beginning of a stroke inducing spring/summer climate, the difference being one is hot and the other is really fucking hot.

I hate warm seasons.

Ahh, Autumn…I love this time of year. ^^ The weather is pleasantly cool enough to go outside and do things without getting overheated, and I can open the windows to let fresh air in. <3

There was a girl in my high school named Autumn. She had an eyebrow ring.

I’d hit that.

Wah wah wah. I’ve had school since mid/late August. >:(

Glad to see you don’t discriminate.

Hurrah! It’ll finally be cold enough to walk around, not to mention sleep comfortably. Long live Autumn!

Wah, wah, wah. I’ve had school since early August.

Wah wah wah. I’ve had school all summer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was the school building airconditioned?

Autumnal is one of my favorite words.

I always hate the beginning of fall. Reminds me of too many bad memories from high school at that time, for some reason.

Demigod: My sister’s name is Autumn.

Silly summer school. It’s for LOSERS.

I’d really probably hit that, too, to be honest.

When I finish up school at some time in the distant future, I just want to take a season off, and I want that season to be autumn. I haven’t been able to just sit back and ENJOY a good autumn since high school. My undergraduate years were spent on a beautiful campus nicknamed “The Forest,” and indeed in autumn it was a blaze of colors as soon as the leaves started to turn. For me, though, it was something I walked through on the way to class or the commons. I think I need a good autumn where I can take even a week in fall to just sit outside and let the leaves rain down around me in the still-warm September sun.

Maybe in a couple years. I’ve been told not to expect much from autumn in Florida, at least nothing that equals it in New Jersey.

No. Florida has no trees for autumn, RPT. The only thing you’ll find in the South, closest to Florida, would be in the Appalachians. Western North Carolina and the such.

Ah Autumn ny favorite season of all.

Um, is that a joke?