Happy Easter

If you watch the Easter bunny is coming to town or what not, you will find why it is that we color eggs. It was like watching Santa Clause is coming to town only with a bunny. =P
Easter is the day the Easter bunny comes, why wouldn’t it be more liked by kids and have more emphasis?
Happy almost one full day after Easter.

Easter is all about drinking lots of beer and working double shifts while you’re still unsober And an irish folk band playing a three hour gig and getting a girlfriend and on the bike ride home after an extremely heavy night out, crash and hurt your knee because you’re too drunk… I can hardly walk right now. My knee is all swollen and it’s got an enormous bruise. But damn it was worth it

so anyone else got a nice easter story, that isn’t about eggs or jesus fucking christ

Happy ‘Jesus Died, Then Forgot’!

I dont celebrate Easter but that doesn’t mean im not religious.But anyways…


It’s a big deal because the Resurrection is what sets Jesus apart from just a great guy who did great deeds. This is the “proof” for his divinity, if you will. It’s what sets him apart from, say, Ghandi.

It’s also our proof of how Jesus ultimately conquered death, which brings up how he is both fully human and fully God.

Happy Easter Season! :dancer:

Yeah, well, my easter wasen’t so happy. It involved having a hangover, and laying in bed all day, thinking I was dieing… yeah, I think I made jesus cry.

Damn the puerto rican rum.

Happy belated Easter.

Tsk Tsk. Swearing is bad during Easter, esoecially about that.

Let’s all join hands and shit-kick a guy dressed up as the Easter Bunny at the Church. :smiley: