Happy Easter

Happy Easter!..or in rabbit terms: Hoppy Easter! :victoly:

Yes, happy Easter! May we all survive it’s apocaliptic affects.

Happy whatnot, people.

My stomach… oh God I’m going to purge my intestines…

Why do you americans put so much emphasis on easter Sunday? It does begin Friday after all.

I think it’s the chocolate.

Merry Spring Equinox and Happy Daylight Savings time. :moogle:

Equinox was like a week ago, Trilly.

And Daylight Savings time is a week to go still. =P

If anything, it begins on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter. There’s also Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. And the whole thing is called “Holy Week”.

Anyway, to answer your question, it’s for the same reason we put so much emphasis on Christmas. The holidays have become more and more commercial and secular as time has gone on. Most people don’t even know about Good Friday or Palm Sunday or any of that, unless they’re Catholic.

Here, I’ll give you all something to think about for Easter.

How good Christians should be.

Sadly, even in my beloved Texas*, I know that kind of thing probably happens. Heck, I’m not gonna lie, I have to try not to think the same “uppity” kind of way that peopl view Christians. Being self-righteous isn’t going to solve much.

One day, there was this dude who came in our church who had a jacket on with his hood up and went right up to pulpit. He didn’t really look as well-tailored as other folks, but when we found out he was really a pastor from a neighboring church, who was told to come dressed like that to see the reactions from all the folks there, I’m glad I didn’t act like a bigshot or anything.

I was close though, darn close.

*Well, I WAS born in California, but I’m gonna to have to place that fact under unmentionable from now on.

I hate Easter.

Please explain how anyone could hate free eggs and candy while celebrating the Risen Christ(maybe not the second for someof you).

Because bunnies with eggs are Teh Spawn of Satan.

And I hate eggs. And why the hell do they have to be colored?

And I get enough candy anyway.

And I’m not religious.

:bowser: Why are you acting like this. I sure would not voice my opinoin about this if it would hurt anyones feelings.I like Easter Jesus has risen Hallelujia, Hallelujia. :toast: :dancer: :toast: :dancer:

For literally three years in a row, I was the acolyte for my church’s (Episcopal) Easter services. Then the next year I was Crucifer for Palm Sunday. So, I know about those other days. A holiday even fewer people know about would be Ascension Thursday. That day’s important enough to warrant its own season in the Episcopal Church. One day. :open_mouth:

America was founded by mostly protestant people. Protestants generally put more of an emphasis on the joy of Christ’s victory over death, as opposed to Eastern Orthodox Christians, who put more of an emphasis on the suffering of Christ’s death. I tend to think of Catholics as empasizing both equally.

The secularization and commercialization of Easter might also have something to do with it.

Happy Day After Easter!

Resurrection of Jesus and his triumph over death and Satan…kind of a big feat in Christianity. His death is the sacrifice for our sins, which is very important, on Good Friday, but his even greater resurrection is the true victory over sin, death, and all nastiness.

Then again…that is just a religious reason. The secular ones are pretty obvious.