Happy Chuck Norris Day.

He’s 68 now. :wave:

Holy shit, it’s Booken!

Long ago, the earth was a desolate icy wasteland, uninhabitable. Then Chuck Norris round-house kicked the earth, making it spin and giving birth to time as we know it. And that is why every day is Chuck Norris Day.

Chuck Norris jokes are extremely boring.

Happy birthday to him nonetheless.

When Chuck Norris breathes out, entropy is reduced.

One time, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked so fast, his foot brook the space-time continuum, going into the past and destroying Amelia Eirhart’s plane as it flew across the atlantic.

As such, everything but his foot reached the age of 68 – his foot is actually much younger thanks to relativity. It is free to continue breaking jaws in an arc of doom for many years to come.

i fucking hate you you goddamn furry

Then Christopher Reeve flew around it backwards really fast so that time as we knew it was altered.

All hail Christopher Reeve.

Steve is just so angry nowadays (Seemingly for no reason!)

I didn’t know he was still a teenager



not yet, still a tween

Eh, I lost interest in Chuck Norris when I found out he was a die-hard Creationist. I therefore feel compelled to offer up a “whatever.”