Happy Chinese History Week!!

Woohoo, it finally started today! Good stuff…

YEAH! Happy Black History Month to you ALL! Points to sig

Er…I mean, Chinese…History Week…yeah.

Its seriously Chinese History Week in Phoenix. I’m not joking.

I’m not mocking you, and me being one of those types of folks who takes almost everything seriously, I believed you from the very beginning.

I’m…just kind of mocking the fact that…nobody’s talking about Black History Month…sigh I KNOW I’m not the only Black guy here who plays RPG’s.

People around campus were celebrating black history month, if putting up a couple posters about it counts. I’m not too crazy over it, but I’m not opposed, before you get any ideas.

Didn’t know you were black, Mullen.

I just think its really ironic that white history gets a whole year, black history gets a whole month (during white history year) and then chinese history gets a week, in the middle of black history month.

Cracks me up, it does. Anyway, usually acknowledging how ironic all of this is once a year is how I show my appreciation for white, black, and even chinese history.

Yes, true diggity and all that.

Please, I wouldn’t have gotten any ideas anyway. I’m mean, your white right? I don’t think I’ve seen any white people going crazy over Black History Month before, heh.

Anyway, Black History Month is important to me anyway, because it gives me a chance to well…look at my history, rather than all the European stuff I’ve studied for the last…oh, let’s say 5 to 6 years of my life in school, you know? It’s kind of refreshing.

We get the shortest month of the year as BHM, and then they decide to stick Chinese History Week in there at the same time… :too bad:

Better than nothing.

Please, I wouldn’t have gotten any ideas anyway. I’m mean, your white right?

Nope…I’m brown.

Anyway, Black History Month is important to me anyway, because it gives me a chance to well…look at my history, rather than all the European stuff I’ve studied for the last…oh, let’s say 5 to 6 years of my life in school, you know? It’s kind of refreshing.

I like history in general, I don’t care whose it is. Matter of fact, Ethiopian history (Nubia, Kush, etc) intrigues me terribly.

Then again, Ethiopian history is by no stretch of the imagination black history…its African history and there’s a tremendous difference.

Black history is something uniquely American and really only about 500 years old. Compare that to European, Amerindian, African, Asian history…any of it. Most other history stretches back into antiquity, yet black history only begins when the first slaves were brought to the Caribbean islands to work on sugar plantations.

I’m not sure if all of you get me on this, but most black people in America are not African. And very few Africans identify themselves as “black”. They identify themselves as Africans. There’s literally hundreds of ethnic groups in Africa that probably all look pretty much alike to a non-African. A tutsi is very much different than a hutu, even if they look the same to Americans.

Blacks in America (not Africans, but blacks) can trace their history to the auction block. Thats as far as it goes…and thats not even possible for most blacks in America. A Sudani in America, however, can trace their history all the way back to Nubia and Egypt.

Oh well, I hope I didn’t piss anyone off and I’m pretty sure you all understand what I’m getting at.

Don’t misunderstand. I love history. The point of the matter to me is, I don’t know any of mine. History is history, it’s all good, and I find all kinds to be interesting. Whatever little history I have is all I want to know, that’s why it’s so important to me to know at least some of it.

I suppose I should be more specific. African American history is something I’m really talking about now. How black people have influenced the world, rather than just their history. I totally understand what you mean. I had an inkling of that already. So I don’t think there are to many people who are going to be pissed off you know.

Honestly, I don’t like Black History Month, Chinese History Week, etc.

Honestly, I think it’s almost a form of mild racism to reserve learning about certain cultures just during certain parts of the year, and ignoring them the rest of the year. It’s sort of like parading minorities around as show animals or something. We should be learning a more holistic history throughout the year. Our only exposure to black history shouldn’t just be because the calendar told us it’s “Black History Month”. The rest of the year DEFINITELY shouldn’t just be concentrating on the history of white men, because there’s so much more to America than just white men.

But I guess Black History Month is better than nothing…

I think these black and asian things are stupid. Why restrict that time to a week or a month, when we can celebrate it and appreciate them all year round? It’s like saying we should only love each other on Christmas day.

I just have a hard time bitching about a week or month dedicated to learning. Like if all March was Math Month. Its not that during Math Month, you’re only allowed to learn math…or that one shouldn’t learn math the rest of the year. Its just that we’re giving an extra 5% to math for the month in hopes we all appreciate it. I don’t even like math but it’d be neat for there to be a Math Month.

Hiryuu beat me by a second.

But the thing is that people use Black History Month as an excuse to just ignore African Americans for the rest of the year. A lot of educators are in the mindset that if blacks have an entire month dedicated to them, their curricula don’t have to worry about blacks unless it’s February.

What I love about this society today is that we think we’re all so boundlessly integrated, when women are still paid less than men, ethnic-looking guys are viewed as possible terrorists by our government (especially if they’re Muslim) and we continue to look at people in other countries as lesser beings. It’s depressing to think it’s the 21st century, and we’re still acting like we did in the last century, and will probably continue to be that way in the future. :\

We need a Maoism holiday.

Actually, people are far more tolerant, and knowledgeable, about minorities now than they’ve ever been (in America and other modern countries). If you look at how much we still have to go, it’ll seem like a lot, but if you look at how bad things used to be, you’ll realize how far we HAVE come. The very fact we are TALKING ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC is proof of it.

In my opinion, culture -ANY culture- should be a secondary thing. In a perfect (or at least, as best as humanly possible) society, the main things should be equal benefits and justice for ALL people, and people would feel they belong to the SAME culture -the HUMAN one- first, and all the others would just be for color (no pun intended.)

So basicly Communism? :hahaha;

BBC Learning Zone (Open Universtity) on UK BBC2 (TV) has all China and Chinese related educational programs. Like “Real China” Episodes 1-6 of 6.

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2k loves it, She make me watch it…

Wil…ah, nevermind. -.-;