Happy bonfire night!

For those non-English Clicka!

Yep, the night when everything burns, and its all legal. We have some fireworks over here so they should be lit tonight, and the tree at the end of the street is covered in paper and matteresses so thats probably gonna burn…

Happy Bonfire Night!:yipee:

Aww, I wanna go to a bonfire festival :too bad;

Hey anyone got a spare ticket to England? puppy eyes

Fires kill people.

… Well, people kill themselves using fires.

we have a ‘who can get the biggest firework’ competition with our neighbours

I’ve been hearing firework going off, for the last few days now.

Why do people always get so enthusiastic around fire and explsoins, this time of year?

Because its legal? Kids set fires to stuff anyway.

I can watch the fire from my back yard and set fireworks of there. The fire isn’t really gonna be that great, I’m in it for the fireworks.

Pft. July fourth is where its at. I celebrate my nation’s independence by blowing up a small chunk of it. You crazy English can have your bonfire holiday.

Pfft, it’s called Bonfire NIGHT for a reason. Fireworks work better when there’s no sun to obscure them :-p

…Of course, the sun wouldn’t have obscured the near 100-decibel bastards that went off directly over my head as I was trying to walk home tonight :thud: That was certainly charming


Must be one FIREY night.

Put it this way- either the smoke I’m smelling comes from bonfires outside, or my pants have caught fire. :hyperven: :hyperven:

I just had someone tell me about it… dances

I wish we had Guy Fawkes day, I want to burn puppets too.

There are two days when we light fires and burn old junk, St. Hans and Olsok. Both days got something to do with the sun and the seasons.

It’s pretty fun, no puppets though.

You mean you can burn vehicles and buildngs? Cool!

Not vehicles and buildings. Hehe.

Well I had fun, around a fire we set off some fireworks, our final firework was called ‘alien invasion’, and it kinda lived up to its name when it fell over and bombarded the rooftops with explosive colours.