Happy birthday Zero!

Not to clutter the forums or anything, but this is Zero we’re talking about.

Keep that hair full and sexy, man!

Happy B-day man (can’t seem to catch you online).

Happy birthday, my evil overlord. I’ve trained the goblins to tapdance in your honor. :slight_smile:

Hey. Happy birthday!

<img src=“http://www.chrisabraham.com/Bush-Birthday-Cake.jpg”>

It was the first cake on Google >_>;

Happy birthday!

Happy anniversarium!

(Sound of door being thown open) "huff-huff-huff-puff "

Sorry…for being…so late. (curses the Agora clock for changing to random timezones under breath.) Here’s…to a…happy birthdohh!!! (looks at the clock) Damn…its Tuesday. Oh well…better luck…next year…and…have a…happy unbirthday…today…THUD. (falls to the floor):thud:

Happy Birthday dude!!

Happy birthday. May it contain fun, presents, more present and cake, for you deserve such. :slight_smile:

Yeah, happy birthday, and stuff. I, for one, welcome our new Zero overlords.

I gotta start remembering these dates.

Happy (day-late) B-Day, Zero!

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Booblights!

Congratulations, Zero. Many happy returns.

gratz mang

Happy birthday indeed!

happy birthday bud.

Happy one-year older day!