Happy Birthday Wilfredo Martinez

Happy day of your birth… Or atleast I think thats how it goes, o.O!

I looked for a Superman birthday greeting, but this is all I found. Happy Birthday! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Wil!

Hey, Trill, were’d you get that old picture of me? :hahaha;

But seriously: Thanks, folks! I had a great day, for once NOTHING went wrong! Went to see Iron Man, started playing Atelier Iris, etc. OK there was this exploding water pipe, but I’m not letting THAT ruin my day! :wink:

Happy Birthday, Wil.

Making any plans for your day? I hope you got a lot of good presents…

for me to steal when you leave to celebrate

Happy Birthday. I also can’t think of nothing better to do on my birthday than go to the movies :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy BD.

Curious fact: I was born around midnight, May 17-18, 1966; my mother was never sure if it was before or after (she was a little busy at the time) so I’ve never known exactly on which day my birthday falls. So I just celebrate it both days!

Glenton: Oh, you’ll get yours too, believe me. :wink:

And the water pipe is now fixed. :victoly:

Happy birthday!

Well I’m definitely too late, but I definitely wanted to say Happy Birthday

I’m not really sure how much we’ve conversed in the years, but I like you a lot!

Lanyx: We’ve talked only occasionally. But hey, it’s always good to be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Happy Belated Birthday, Wil! Sorry I wasn’t around here the actual day of to congratulate you on another year completed but it sounds like it was a blast. Ironman is amazing! (And Speed Racer wasn’t a let down!)