Hope you have a great birthday and all your wishes come true, Uncle Wil.

Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday , Uncle Wil!
Happy Birthday to you!!

I’ve better pop in and thank you before this gets closed!

(Psst, this was her idea, I didn’t tell her to start a thread for me, honest!!!)


:victoly: :ark: :kissy: :biggrin: :moogle:

You forgot to update your age Wil… but Happy Birthday! Yay!



You always manage to sound more depressing than my history teacher. Aye, now that’s an accomplishment!

Happy birthday, Wilfredo, and may it be as fun as mine.

Happy birfday, to our oldest member =D

Have you people noticed that Nulani and I are like the emotional antipodes of RPGC?

Kinda like Raven and Beast Boy in TEEN TITANS:

Kidding aside: Thanks, Nul, we know you’re nicer than you sound.

And thanks to the rest of you, too! :slight_smile:

I said it once,but I will say it again,Happy Birthday Will,the oldest member(in age) of our community.

Hey, Happy Birthday Wil.

Hope everything is going well. And that you have many many more birthdays.

Happy B-day, you old fogey you. Be careful, try not to break your hip. :wink:

You are the only person I have seen who used the word Antipode without talking about Chrono Trigger. Happy Birthday. :wave:

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Happy Birthday yo, you rock!

Feliz cumpleaños Wil.
You gave me a couple of really cool links (comics), i appreciate it. You are the best!

Happy Birthday!
Awe, what the heck, here’s some dancing girls:
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

Happy Birthday Wil. Have lots of cake and ice cream ^^

Yeah, what they said. And don’t you DARE disappear on us like some people did, or we’ll hunt you down to the ends of the… Well, you get the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, Manus- unless I die (or permanently lose Net access) RPGC is going to have me around kibbitzing until the end of its days. :wink:

And once again, thanks to ALL of you for the BD greetings. I appreciate each and every one of them. :slight_smile:

PS: Antipodes = opposite poles. (See? You can actually LEARN things from my posts!) :hahaha;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!!! wow the big four-O ey?Thats ok, for some people their 40’s is the high light of their lives so your NEVER too old to have fun!!

I know, you just don’t hear it that often.