Happy Birthday to Everyone Favorite Catgirl Fan

…and I don’t mean Starstorm the Spazzy Kitty. :smiley: Happy Birthday to Mabatsekker, who gunnery skills are helping RPGC safe from Uriel. Have a birthday caik and maybe a few gifts too.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/villains/bundt.gif”> Annoying Sprite Theater Appearence by Bundt Caik. EAT ME!

It’s “bundt”, I believe.

Anyways, happy birthday! :smiley:


I fail to see why you want catgirls… :thinking:

I’m always willing to prove some people wrong. Then again, some like bottoms more.

That’s a little gift for me, then.

There’s no such thing as catgirls and you know it!

She’s a little top-heavy.

Happy Birfday.

Happy birthday maba… OMG boobs!!

Well, it’s not my fault that you don’t have the refined tastes required to appreciate the catgir- oooo boobies…

Fuck man. That’s not about being a catgirl. That’s you liking Dead or Alive.


Boobs aren’t attractive when they’re the size of two pillows.

Anyway, happy birthday Mabat.

What? I wouldn’t mind a pair of boobies I could use as a pillow.

ahem Ok. I’m good.

Happy B-Day, Maba! Here’s a present from me.

More catgirl, what else?

Somebody forgot kirorokori

Happy Birfday Maba! ^^

(You already got your catgirl kao from me :3)

This forum needs to be sprayed with a hose.

And Basara needs to be fed to the government.

And we need to post more naked catgirls

Heh… Happy b day Maba! =^.^=

Oh yeah, forgot.

Happy birthday Maba!

Still doesn’t really fancy catgirls