Happy Birthday thread

Even though it was yesterday, happy birthday Galloway, and for today, “Happy” “birthday” Jabicruds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, happy B-Day!

Le Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

Yay, “Jabricruds” “Day”, hour, minute, second, quantum.

Happy birthday!

And that goes for the entire forum, too! =P

Happy Birtttthhhhdayyyy mr. president… Happy birthday… Too, you…

Takes off a sock

This is going to get kinky.

Originally posted by Skankin’ Garbage
Le Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
O_O SG’s a mod… cowers

Happy Birthday, everyone!

Originally posted by Xelopheris
O_O SG’s a mod… cowers

Yes he is, I actually find it hard to believe you never knew.

You’ve knocked the 4 off your name huh?

Anyway happy birthday!

I never noticed. As far as I knew, TD was replacing Maz. (Sin mentionned it in the chat once)

Happy belated Birthday, D Galloway!

(Man, the Boards HAD to be down on your birthday, huh?) :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday plus a day Galloway.

And Happy Birthday Jabricruds

Happy birthday, Galloway.

And Jabricurds, what birthday happy but happy in balloon?

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
[b]Happy belated Birthday, D Galloway!

(Man, the Boards HAD to be down on your birthday, huh?) :slight_smile: [/b]

Well… I’m sure that someone would have something better to do then visit the boards on their birthday. I’m sure that they have games to play, and such.

Anyway… happy birthday everyone!

:wave: :moogle: :moogle: Happy Birthday SidewinderX2 and UF-Jabricruds!!! :moogle: :moogle: :wave:

Happy Birthday SidewinderX2 and D Galloway.
un-birthday for me please!

I already said it, but I’ll say it in spanish now.
Feliz Compleanos, Galloway!

SG got voted in right before the worm. And yes, happy birthday guys.

Happy birthday, Mr. Jabricruds. You are the apogee of insanity! Congratulations!