happy birthday thread

wish days of birth happiness here.

Was it really neccisary to close the other thread?

And happy birthday Cala.

New year, new birthday thread.

And happy birthday Cala [again]

Happy B-Day, Cala! gives Cala a plate of doomcookies…with extra doom:kissy:

Mmmm… Cookies of doom… Thanks for the happy birthdays! hugs

Happy birthday. Are you already legal age?

Happy, Birthday, Cala.

What, you were expecting something else?

Happy B-Day Cala.

Happy B-Day Casey ^^

Hmm… should I wish Happy Birthday to my Eternal Nemesis!?

Then again, as the saying goes, “Better an Honorable Foe than an Untrustworthy Friend.”
(RPGing stuff aside: Hope you had a great B-day, Cala!) :yipee: :victoly: :wave:

Happy birthday Calahands a plate with a candle sorry there’s nothing left of the cake.

Happy BDay Cally, one more ^^

Happy b-day to Lord Zero, Cala, Crazy_Casey and dark_crystalis! And happiness to everyone else whose b-days are to come <.<

Hoorah, happy birthday to Michael Stipe, as well.

happy birthday trako!!


Is it Agora’s B-day, or someone named Agora?

I’m now an adult! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday PsykoDragonReen and Draconis_warrior!! :moogle:

Happy birthday Sin!

pokes Sin Happy B-day!

Ah, happy birthday, Sinistral.

For your gift, have a set of combat dummies in the shape of George W. Bush.