Happy birthday thread

It’s the birthday song, only all the words are replaced with animals. Sing it in the same melody and it will make sense. Well, it won’t really, but it’s close.

Happy 18th to me. That means voting rights. yay…

Honestly, I didn’t do shit for my birthday, ‘cause If I brought it up, I would’ve gotten "creaked’ after band practice, and I didn’t feel like it so, bah.

But thankies anyways.

Happy birthday to everyone who I have missed over the past, uhh 3 weeks:thud:

Happy birthday, demigod :yipee:


Happy B-day demigod!

I feel so happy!

Congratulations, demigod!

The greatest Happy Birthday to you Merlin!


Happy birthday Melin!

Got booze?

Happy birthday SilverKnight!

Rats, missed Merlin’s birthday. Oh well, can’t be online everyday! (Can I?) Hope you had a nice day, Merl!

Also, Happy Birthday to RPGC’s OTHER Sage, our own FF Cidolfas. And a great day too to my friend SilverKnight, you’re a Lady in every sense of the word.

Wilfredo Martinez

Happy birthday me_ladie and redshuriken! :smiley:

Happy Happy BDay Shads :smiley: :yipee:

happy B-day:
Last Cetra, Kains_lance, Level_up_for_love and one_winged_angel

Happy birthday Kaiser and Phoenix Valkyrie! :yipee: :yipee: :yipee:

Does her song and dance

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
It’s your birthday!
It’s your birthday!

A.k.a: Happy birthday, Kaiser and Phoenix Valkyrie!

Awww…thank you. ^.^

My first bell class sang “Happy Birthday” to me in Latin. o.o

My 18th birthday is on the 9th. Just a heads-up.

Happy Birthday PV and Kaiser. :yipee: You get cake and presents sweet.:cool: And happy 18th on the 9th Yar, being 18 is kind of cool. Execept now I have to do my own laundry and having a job sucks. But hey its money.