Happy birthday TG_Flintedge

Preempted by 4.8 hours

what what

Happy B-Day! (Maybe this will get him to post.) :smiley:

In honor of this thread he should change his name back to TG_Flintedge and use his old Flik avatar henceforth

Nooo! Foiled by a preemptive birthday strike!

Grats. <3



Hope you have a great one Flint! :caik:

Thank you folks!

I had a plot-related explanation for the lack of TG thing, but it was long and made little sense.

Now that its the 17th Happy Belated Birthday. :toast:

You need to come to the chat more, Flint. :frowning:

Am I just addicted to nostalgia or why does it always seem like older days are better days

I know back then I felt about the same as I do now, but I HATE THIS FEELING!!!


Happy Birthday, TG- I mean Flintedge- or is it Sohee? Dammit stick to one name!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have some “?” (as in, whatzisname?) Caik!!

YES. Chat Family rules. :scooby:

We play JRPGs. Just sayin’.

Also, happy birthday!