Happy birthday, Starstorm and Rirse

What a grand day to carry not one, but two staffers?

Have a good one, boys. Now pet the kitty. pets

pets teh kitty

also pets teh Rirse

Happy birthday to the both of yas.

Thank you Weiila for the thread and happy birthday to my friend Spazzy if he comes in here to get his free caik.

Happy Belated BD, guys! Sorry I missed this yesterday, my nephew Luis had his final Little League game of the season (we WON!!:biggrin: ) and I spent all day with him.

You want Caik? Here’s your Caik!!

Hope you like it!! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Rirse and Starstorm I hope you got lots of presents. :slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday, both of you!

Have a good time, good time etc