Happy birthday, SK!

I’m surprised nobody posted this (unless there’s one in the staff forum, in which case you can just lock this and laugh). Happy birthday, intellectual love god; many happy returns!

Many happy returns.

Ah-ha, now I see why you’re hanging around here.

Happy birthday.

A wise man once told me that nothing would get one laid like a fucking guitar.

That’s familiar. :slight_smile: Happy birthday!

Did he say anything about the piano?

Also, happy birfdai…

A computerized caik for the Intellectual Love God! :wink:

Happy BD SK! :biggrin:

It pleases me that you have taken this counsel to heart. Go forth, young one, and may your guitar bring you much happiness.

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone.

Happy birthday man. Get yourself a big tub of that organic ice cream and eat it while going downhill in a grocery cart.

Happy birthday, you political guru you! tosses multicolored confetti

Happy birthday SK.

Happy Belated Birthday SK!

I’m thinkin’ its ‘bout time I started lookin’ 'round for a new shtick.

Fake Edit: Also :caik:

Happy birthday!

Hey, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, SK!
Here’s some cake::caik:

A wise man once taught me the virtues of carefully choosing your canned corn cooking methods.