Happy Birthday, Sin !

Happy Birthday, Sin. May you have a great day, and a better future.

“Truth lies beneath the shadows of existence. It is the job of the philosopher to show the rest how little they really know.”


happy birthday duder.

Happy Birthday Sin… celebrate by sending me some booze :smiley:

Happy Birthday :toast:

The DragonDaggerFlute I got for being a good boy in Kindergarten is in the male, passed on to its rightful owner.

Stop sticking flutes into males.

/me echoes the group sentiment.

You only need to worry if he somehow passes you.

Happy birthday Sin!! May you live to invoke fear upon us for many more decades to come.

Thanks guys!! (And yeah I’m starting to feel ooold o_o, esp when we have these “how long have we been here/how we have changed” threads.

You feel old? I didn’t realize how young you were until today!

A lot of crap did, that’s what changed.

For example, my avatar’s an super afro warrior, now.

Happy Birthday, Sin. You’re one of the people that defines this place. May you be with us for many years more.

Whate everyone said, specially what VE and Zero said.

Happy Birthday, Sin.

Belated happy birthday

Happy Birthday Sin, in honour of you I drank too much and got in to work 45 mins late >.>

I swear to God that was intentional. Wasn’t.

Well, there we go.
Sin, I hope your happy. Your birthday made my power-ranger slash fantasies come out.

Happy B-Day big guy! :slight_smile:

I’m a little late but Happy Birthday anyway. For your gift I will vote for the harshest punishment available in the next banning poll.