Happy Birthday, Sin !

I haven’t seen a thread yet, so here it is :slight_smile: Happy Birthday, man ! Hope this day turns out awesome for you !

I’ll drink to your health btw

Since when do you need an excuse to booze it up?

LOL. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, man. When I first got to RPGC, I didn’t really like you, because you seemed like an asshole. Now I see you’re still an asshole, but you’re an asshole for RPGC, so that makes it cool and stuff.

Thanks TD ! Now I had to get a fitting custom title :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Dude and many more to come

Happy birthday!!! Make it a nice one!

Happy birthday to the Original Sin. Adam and Eve have nothing on you Sinistral. :smiley:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/villains/bundt.gif”> EAT ME, I AM CAIK!

hopes Sinistral doesn’t ban me for that joke

Happy birthday. One of the only redeeming aspects of this month is the fact that cool people are born during it.

Keep fighting the good fight against wishy-washiness and anti-scientism.

Happy birthday, man. Damn, you’re getting old. Almost as old as me.

Happy birthday, Sin.

Happy birthday, you badass Green Ranger-lookalike you.

Happy birthday. I hope your cake dissection goes well, because the test is next week!

lol hi man

Happy birthday ‘n’ stuff.
I stole your arguments to use against people, I hope you don’t mind. <.<

Happy birthday! :smiley: I hope you’ll be able to relax as much as you want today. <.<

Indeed, senility is close.

He’s our asshole, and we love him for it.

Happy birthday man.

Happy birthday!!!


<s>FOC U SIN</s> Happy birthday. >.>