Happy Birthday, Sephiroth Katana!

Have a good one, mastah of discussions :kissy:

And as a present I would have given you a livejournal icon quote about the Masamune but- eh. Hrm. Anyway, I thought better of it. So I’ll give you another kiss-throwing and buttslapping Flea instead. :kissy:

Have a good one, my good man.

Have a good one, man. I always did respect you for being so verbose and well-spoken. Makes me envious.

Happy anniversary!

Happy you-day!

Hopefully you won’t mind the fact that you’re one step closer to THE END… Sneaky smile

Nah, just kiddin’. Have a good one.

Happy birthday, intellectual love God of RPGC. The naked lesbian twins will never be forgotten, man. :smiley:


Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, I respect how you are able to back up your points so awesomely.

Unlike me. :frowning:

Happy birthday to you though. :smiley:

Happy Birthday man. May you be a staple here for years to come.

Happy birthday, SK.

Happy Birthday, and many more.

I respect SK not just because he’s so erudite but for being a nice person as well.

Hope you had a great BD!

Happy birthday, Seph Kat. I, too, have always had a great deal of respect for you. You, sir, are a trie intellectual.

(Insert generic birthday comment about someone I don’t really know cause I’m never around here)

Happy birthday!

Now you have been promoted to the ‘old’ age category.

Just kidding.


(insert witty statement here!)

Happy B-Day n stuffs :toast:

Er… what did I do now?

Stole her gig. Nul is the one always posting, “You’re getting closer to death day!” on BD threads. (While I’m always posting, “Be glad you’ve lived this long!”)

Happy birthday. You never seem to post, but your postcount is high all the same; yet I’ll still say post more often, since your intimidating entries are usually among the most worthwhile reads on the forums, and have been for years.

You better be taking care of NJ. If you get time, either go canoeing through the Pine Barrens in May, or take a walk through the northern forests at anytime of the year - autumn is particularly spectacular in the highlands. Don’t forget, it’s “The Garden State” for good reason! In fact, if you want a good place to relax, head up to the New Jersey Botanical Gardens. They’re well-kept, but a bit low key.

Love you man.

First come, first serve, ain’t it? :kissy:

Wait… shit. I’m screwed.