Happy Birthday RPT

One day after the big birthday thread for Sinistral…and we get another major birthday. This time it for RPT, our soon to be slayer of the Curse of the Secret of Mana. Now eat your cake fast so you can finish the shrine. :smiley:

Happy birthday PKT Paladin!

Happy birthday PKT :slight_smile:

PKT is my favorite __T staffer.

Happy birthday!!! I wish you lots of cake and kimonos!

Happy Birthday RoguePaladin… I forgot what the T stands for, but Happy Birthday anyway!

Happy birthday man :smiley:

Happy birthday RPT! And happy belated birthday to Sin, because I missed his. >.>

Happy Birthday, RPT!

I’d insert some cool image here, as I usually do, but I haven’t figured out the new Agora features yet… so I guess I’ll just have to use Smilies.

:biggrin: :victoly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RPT!!:kissy: p:unch::



Happy birthday

Happy birthday :toast:

Happy birthday ‘n’ stuff. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, man. Many happy returns.

Happy birthday! (and you guys are mean for mixing it up, lol)

Happy Birthday!

May it be filled with joy and goodwill