Happy Birthday Nessa

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Yes, Miss Nessa, our resident queen of the chat is celbrating her birthday today. So let us all give her hugs and a giant evil caik. pets Nessa

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/villians/bundt.gif”> hugs Nessa EAT ME!

Happy Birthday Nessa :smiley:

Happy B-Day Nessa! :smiley:

Happy birthday Nessa
woohoo, Nessa’s legal!

Happy B-day Nessa! :yipee: Cookies and cake for everyone!

Happy birthday to you!

<font size=1>The CDs will be on the way shortly ^^;;;;</font>

jumps out of the cake

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Nessa!

Happy Bday, Nessa :smiley:


I bid you a happy birthday, Nessa. May the new year bring you happiness and health.

Happy B-Day Nessa!

*hands Nessa a Nightblade plushie

Happy Birthday.

Best wishes on your birfday.

Happy birthday, eats the caik

hands Nessa a shoe

You’re moving to Florida now. No vote.

does the happy birthday dance for Nessa

Damn, why are so many people born in January?

Happy Birthday

Gives Nessa a Knoppix CD

Happy birthday =)