Happy Birthday Merlin

Don’t you have something to do with some website or something? It’s probably shit.

Happy birthday man. Keep doing whatever it is you do to not let RPGC sink into net-death. :cool:

Happy birthday to the person who makes it able to me to post stupid messages on the internet!

Happy birthday Head Honcho!

Happy Birthday Merlin! Keep up the great work but don’t switch your name with anyone else ever again.

So it’s the almighty Merlin birthday. Well good for him.

Happy Birthday Merlin.


It’s the treasurers birthday. Heil!

w00t! HF GL DD!

Rast’s birthday isn’t until December 27.

Happy birthday, Merlin! :dancer: cracks whip You too! DANCE! DANCE! That means you, Hiryuu!

Happy freaking birthday, Merlin. You have our eternal graditude for keeping this place we love so much alive. :cool:


Yeah, many happy returns, man.

Merl still does a big-ass load of work around here, he deserves to be called boss too.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. ^^

Happy Birthday!

I would agree if that didn’t diminish all the hard work everybody else puts in around here (trust me, there are a LOT of people here that do a LOT of work here, not just Merlin). The whole point of “post-Jim RPGC” is that there IS no boss. That’s what makes it great. Jim was a “boss”. Merlin’s just a great guy that happens to put in a lot of work here.

Oh, and happy birthday Merlin. May this never happen to you in real life:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/hiryuu/merlinpiano2.gif”>

Happy birthday Merlin. Another year as an admin of RPGC. :cool: