Happy birthday, Merlin-imo :3

You know people, whenever I’m reminded that I’m older than some of you oldies here, I just scratch my head.

That said, have a good, piano-free day, my good man.


Happy birthday.

They haven’t done a good job with him so far, I must say :kissy:

Not to mention causing cerebral haemorrhaging when repeatedly dropped.

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

the day when i take over this site draws ever nearer

err i mean happy birthday! :smiley:

A great Happy Birthday Merl!

Today is my 8000th day alive. :slight_smile:

thanks guys :slight_smile:

imo merl is a cool guy

Merllllll…Happy closer to extinction day :smiley:

What happened to your cat?

Happy birthday to the man who makes it all possible. Here’s to you, Merlyn. You’re a good man, and an intellectual, at that. I salute you. :toast:

I’ve never personally seen a piano dropped on your head, but I won’t ask for it to happen today. Next time you post, though, I wanna see it.
Happy birthday.

Hey, congratulations, man. Many happy returns.

Happy belated birthday, friend! May the next be good, and the next, and the next, and so on, and may I get a piano dropped on me.

Aaaand a happy belated from me, too.

Now, don’t people turn this thread into an “OMG it’s Macc” thread.

Make a different one for it. >_>

OMG it’s Ma-… Nah… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, happy belated birthday Merl. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday dude!

Happy b-day!!!:cool:

Happy Birthday man!:cool: :moogle: :hahaha;