Happy Birthday Hades :D

I thought I already made a thread on this, but I must have been dreaming :open_mouth: Oh well, now you all get to wish me a happy birthday again :smiley:


I think that the real Merlin, aka current Charlemagne, moved it to the Neo-happy birthday thread… but I’ll wish again anyway.

Happy getting old. Remember that any second now, people will expect you to start acting responsible. There is no time like now to start letting them all down.

See, same basic thing I said last time. But have fun with your second “happy birthday to me” thread.

Happy birthday Hades. Have fun crushing egos.

Actually, Zero moved it because he likes presuming that just because he’s talked to me not half a dozen times that I’m not “cool enough” to have my own. I guess there’s a reason I don’t really like talking to him. He’s too childish and insulting.

Happy Birthday Hades. ^^

Ah… well, in that case, I give you this recommendation: Never get in a bettle of wits with an idiot; they will drag you down to their level and then win based on experience.

Happy birthday, Hades. :smiley:

Happy birthday Hades,may you have a wonderful day.

Zero’s not an idiot. He’s just bored. Birthday thread mergers are one of the only three things that amuse him here anymore. The other two are posting links to unfunny flash movies and posting links to one of thousands of generic mundane news stories.

But then again, that’s the only thing most people do here :stuck_out_tongue:

And the ego crushing begins.


Cammy says: Congradulations on your age promotion…

Holy ass indeed!

You got it! Horjay!!!

Happy birthday jerkface!

You have a good birthday party, or I’m gonna have to send Jecht over there, to teach you a little respect.

Here, just take them and don’t stay up too late. I’m not much in the celebrating mood right now.

gives Hades two hot Playboy Bunnies for the night

Oh, and Happy Birtday.


I thought I merged this already.

Oh, wait, I did.