Happy Birthday, Galloway!

I…I thought you hated every part of my being! I thought you wanted to kill your parents after they arranged your marriage to me due to bizzare and unworldly circumstances! I thought you would celebrate divorcing me in 12 years, after which you will force my daughter upon me and eventually send your son out to kill me! hugs Val…while wearing a suit of pure mithril

Happy belated B-day Gallo, the only Super Sayen (sorry for spelling) I ever liked!

gives Gallo two sexy succubbi for the night

Now play nice girls! :mwahaha:

Yay! I made hotcakes again!

HAPPY (slightly belated) BIRTHDAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!1111111elevenses [glomps Galloway and starts licking his soul]

The fink-rat computer system that is Keenspace prevented me from appearing on this thread yesterday on your birthday! I HAVE FURY!

Ha. You even TALK awesome, Fawful-dude! Not like my stupid baby brother Strong Sad … though fortunately we don’t hafta deal with 'im here, since I deleted ‘is sprite while Yar was movin’ stuff to another folder in Keenspace …

No you didn’t! That was Coach Z’s sprite you deleted! That’s why he has a totally different one now!

… Aww, CRAP!

happy birthday gallo.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALLO! gives giant cookie

Happy birthday Gallo! :smiley:

Happy birthday gallo and for you I present. The random plot contriver. Um hmm it seems to of disapeared. I wonder where it went. Meteors start falling for no partciular reason, “OH dear.”

Not been around for the last few days, so happy belated birthday Gallo.