Happy Birthday Drak

Gives Drak a Knoppix CD

Happy 21st! :cool:


snaps the CD before it gets to Canada

My job here is done…Zero awaaaaaaaaaaay!

Thanx Guys!

attains universal drinking age ^^;

Happy Birthday man!

gives Drak a pair of extra sexy succubi for the night

Don’t stay up too late now :mwahaha: !

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff.

HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!1111elevenses [glomps Drak and starts chewing on his soul]

Halpy borthday, Drork!

Um, Coach Z, I don’t think that works too well …

:ulty: Happy birthday! Have some tentacles! (Whoo, new routine!)

:suckah: Happy birthday, foo’!

Oh, Drek! It’s Drak’s Birthday!!!

(Yeah, yeah, I know, lame. All I could come up with right now. Anyway, have a good BD, Drak!) :ah-ha!:

Appyhay Irthdaybay!

gives him caik

Kard Yadhtrib Yppah!

Happy Birthday, Drak! Incredibly, on this day, I no longer feel sick! Drak’s a healer!

You’re Healed!!

Happy B-Day Drak.

Happy Bday, Drak :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to provide something good once I get the net back :smiley:

Ultimate avatar of Kawaiiness =)

Happy Birthday, Drak. That’s all there is to say.


Happy birthday!

macks with Drak’s avatar ^^;

I knew I had to get at least one comment about my new avatar :stuck_out_tongue:


she moooooooooooooooooves- you deserve two happy birthdays…=p