Happy Birthday Charlemagne!

Oh he SO deserves his own thread. =P But with my luck there will be one there already when I post this. >_> Nyah!

does the happy birthday dance for Charlemagne

Anyone remember that thread he made about needing money and I said I’d make a Charlemagne shirt? Ha!

<a href=“http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/jing_ryu/archives/charleforstats2.JPG” target="blank">Wave if you believed me!</a> It’s dark on dark, so it doesn’t show well on pictures. But it looks cool in real life! >> And Statsminister is prime minister, which is what we have in Sweden.

Rockin’. :cool:

Happy Birfday Char-char!! ^^ I don’t have anything prepared for you on this lovely day, so uh, I guess you can lemme know if there’s anything I can mails ya or something. Preferably not involving money, as I’m broke… >>;

Happy Birthday, Charle! My gift to you is…


:hyperven: - SANITY!? NOOOOOO!!!

Yo. Happy b-day.

But no, I still won’t have sex with you.

Happy birthday Charl!

Cool shirt.

D’oh! I already wished you a happy B-day in the B-day forum but what the hell:

Two more succubi for you!

Now, the no face biting rule is still in effect.

Happy B-Day again.

:hyperven: Banzai! :hyperven:

blows a kiss to Charle :kissy:

Happy b-day, charl!

(…and you know Sin wants to <.<)

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff, WILDMAN. For your birthday present, you get Lilith and Dizzy for a night.

EEEK! [runs away]

Okay, maybe just Lilith then.

YAAAYYYY!!!1111elevenses [glomps WILDMAN and starts licking his soul]

Happy Birthday Charle~~

Happy Birthday Charle, hopefully one day your dream of people taking you seriously will come true :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Char, and I’ll have sex with you even if Sin won’t.

Happy birthday charle.

Have a ‘Face Cookie’.

Happy day of birth, you psycho.

I bid you a happy birthday, Charlemagne. Have a happy day!


I have told you more than once that I dont want to have sex with you. I just want to snuggle.

Bear my children?

Happy Bday Charl! :smiley: