Happy birthday Canada!


God DAMN you guys suck.

You’re just jealous that we get canada day and all you get is america day

No. I’m not jealous of anything.
You guys are the ones with all that shit to your name :stuck_out_tongue:


30 millions inhabitants = Basin of shit
250+ million inhabitants = Bigger basin of shit.

Canada has Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Lance Storm, Christian, Chris Jericho, and Edge.

USA has Hogan, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, and HBK.

USA > Canada. Especially since Y2J and Chris Benoit now reside in the US. :slight_smile:

Congratulations. You just proved America is gayer than Canada. Way to go.

It would behoove you not to say that during wrestling avatar week.

Besides, Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medalist. You do not boo an Olympic Gold Medalist! He won Olympic Gold with a broken freakin’ neck. Oh it’s true. It’s true.

So? You can be gay and win a gold medal.

Look at the men’s figure skaters.

Just because they wear tights and fruity costumes doesn’t mean their gay. Asshole.

On another note…Woo! Go Canada!

Oh, and Y2J doesn’t count as he was born in New York.

I counted Y2J as a Canadian because he has Canadian citizenry. However, he does now live in the US.

<img src=“http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/2170/11157492607878ha.jpg”>

I do/did have some famliy in Canada. Long story and a Divovce and emmigrating, must be about 50 years.

Plus Lady Ashley is Very Hot!!


Question: Do the quebecois celebrate Canada day?

Pssh, Canada can’t invade America, it doesn’t have a military. What are they gonna send, a bunch of moose?

Besides, Canada Day is just the party across the street that nobdy goes to. It’s just to take attention away from the 4th of July which is the cool party.

Some of them. It’s another reason to get drunk.

I’m Rreallly drunk!! Nope, I’m not Drinking since it Canada day…

Big Nutter
Local Derby in England. Hopping to Whip’s someone ass before we relegate.

Bah! you celibrate Canada day yet you have forgotten the greatest thing about Canada!

Colin Mochrie

:moogle: kinda of a dinky picture.

It was the only usable picture I could find.