Happy Birthday, Cala!

I bid thee a happy birthday and pray that thou be hale and happy forthwith.


Have a lovely (and sexy) next year of your life, however old you are.

Yes, happy birthday.


happy birthday~ :dancer:

That picture is in my history book. XD

And happy bday cala.

Happy freakin’ birthday, you freak. :kissy:

Have a good day, sweetness.

Happy Birthday Cala.

Er, I thank you all, but wait a month. I’m February 4. >.>

And I’ll be 17. Here I come R rated movies!

The Hell?

My birthday is February 4, 1988.

I know but what ‘the hell’ was for was- you know nevermind. Rock on Cala.

Thanks anyway.

Now where are my presents? >:O

I saw it one the bottom of the front page (or, front page of the board that is) that its your’ birthday today, you must’ve typed it in wrong in the profile.

Wow, I always thought you were much older, like pusing up 22 or something. :o

You guys don’t keep up with the latest confession threads do you?

Your birthday is two days after mine!!! :D:D And have we basically ditched the happy birthday thread, or what?

Have a verry merry unbirthday Cala. ^^

I don’t know what I’m supposed to say in a thread for a birthday that doesn’t take place for another month!

Incase I forget, happy birthday.

February 4th?

Then I probably know who you are, then.