Happy Birthday Ackbar!

Happy Birthday to our favorite squid! May he live another 84 years!

Kudos to you Mr Squid…oh, and happy birthday. :slight_smile:

What in the heckzor happened to Ackbar?

Tentacle rape.

Squid poisoning. And thanks! :smiley: As it is my birthday, you all get one free question. The catch is, it must be somehow related to uh…Star Wars, yea. One free question about anything Star Wars. Or not, I dont really care, and I doubt i’ll answer you anyway ^^. nightnight. :ulty:

Happy Birthday, Ackbar! :smiley:

How many Super Star Destroyers were made?

Happy birthday, Vackbar!

Happy birthday Ack! Much lav for teh squid.


Happy birthday Ackbar, you New Year Baby…that is 84 years old for some reason. May you get a lot of presents and eat many caiks.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/villains/bundt.gif”> IT’S A TRAP!

Why’d you stop coming to RPGC. I thought noone could leave RPGC

Wow! Happy birthday! Beware of TRAPS!

Happy birthday Ackbar!! No hard feelings about us ditching you after you were kidnaped and spending your ransom money at Burger King right?

Oh and Why does everyone in the empire have a british accent?

Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday Mr. [Strike]President[/strike] Ackbar…

sup happy bday

Darn, missed Ackbar’s Birthday! (Hey, there were like 20 people having BDs on January 0ne Yeah right) Anyway, HAPPY BELATE BIRTHDAY, ACK!

A question? Sure. How do Mon Calamari reproduce? Ha ha

Happy Birthday, Ack, whichever day it is/was. You are the Godsquid, may you live long and create many spawn.

oh loveable Ackbar, the guy who never did anything and then randomly did about half of Alexandria and then did nothing again. Much love.