Happy Birthday Ackbar

Since you’re away in the chat. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, best buds forever!!! :biggrin: :moogle: :toast: :biggrin: :biggrin:

I made squid pies in your honor.

Happy birthday, man.

Have a great day! best wishes!

You kick me a lot, then ask what I think of your thesis. Your a man of contradictions and laziness. Happy birthday, ya smuck ;).

I don’t r K now yoy but happy bitretnhday andhappy New Year,n Brah… I’m drunk.

Id like to thank the random drunkards/people I dont know for wishing me a happy birthday, your posts mean the most!(except for CH’s, his means the mostest of the most.) and curtis is awesome cause he lives in the same state as me, woo, and payed a special birthday visit for a one time post by him!

  • :ulty: Ackbar :ulty:

Die already you damn squid. throws Ack in the moat

No, but really. Happy B-Day.

I don’t know who Ackbar is, I just work here.

Happy birthday!

Um, isn’t there a birthday thread already?

Happy birthday Ack!

Ion: Yeah, but staff members get their own threads.

I’m new, so I don’t know you, but happy birthday, man.

You guys do all know that he’s lying about his birthday in his profile? He wasn’t Born on Jan 21st, 1921.

Ackba, Snackba, Oldpa Ackbar!

Ackbar! <3

Ackbarrrrr, you haven’t been able to ask me random questions lately. :frowning: WoW > Chat

Happy birthday, O Godsquid Riddler!