Happy Anniversary/Birthday, "Tony!"

I’d like to dedicate this thread to one of the most hated and despised (okay, so I left loved out… “the one you love to HATE”)videogame character the staff of RPGClassics has ever had to deal with: Tony.

Tony, as we know, has been responsible for one of the greatest crimes in the history of RPGCkind, aka, the “YOU SAY IT, I HANG YOU”-hysteria. It brought many, if not MANY people to the verges of their insanities. Below is my own, personal experience with Tony and his legendary quote, but luckily, I turned away before any permanent damage was left. Due to certain reasons, the quote itself has been wished to be kept away from this very thread.

A dangerously close encounter with Tony. Luckily, I managed to escape with my (in)sanity intact!

One year ago, on November 9th, the first RPGC contest began. Tony appeared as the delivered of a curse put into a mismash of words that seemed harmless at first. They were wrong, very, very wrong. He wrecked terror upon the innocent staffers. But luckily, there came many ways to shrug the deadly curse off…

Quote the Charle: “Dude, we’re on a boat”

People were saved, and everyone lived happily ever after and ate cookies.

Thank you for being with us, people, on the moment of one of the most memorable things here ever. without you, this thread wouldn’t have had any viewers.


"No passenge–

And thats PRECISELY why… gets shot

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> twitch

You just HAD to remind us?

Originally posted by Tenchimaru_Draconis

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> You didn’t even go through that crap Cala, you have no reason to twitch except to become as cool as me.

I thought it was the contest for the “And this is why it’s off-limits” thing.

It is. But guess who had to read and vote on all of them :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

See , the visitors have no reason to feel fear or anything because they didn’t have to receive, organize, read, choose , sort and post all the polls and responses MULTIPLE TIMES.

quietly re-enacts a modern version of the assissination of Caesar with the rest of the staff

Brutus didn’t use a chainsaw, I DID! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!

I dunno what everybody’s problem with it was, I had a lot of fun wading through all the crap and like, first voting on the three best, then on the two best, then on the best…it was fun! :smiley: Does nobody on the staff agree with me? :stuck_out_tongue:

-Mazrim Taim

Maz, I’m pretty sure nobody on the staff agrees with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Must I remind you of:
“And that is precisely…”

I rest my case.

Yeah Maz, it was so much fun- fun like having my spine pulled out through my eye sockets :smiley:

Tony? Hmmm, what was the quote, OR how bad was it?

No dude, those were fun :stuck_out_tongue: It was like, wow. Look at this, it’s ANOTHER ONE! Don’t tell me you didn’t think the sheer repetition was funny and thus have fun with it :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I’m the only masochistic staffer like that but I doubt it cause I’m totally among the laziest too :stuck_out_tongue:

-Mazrim Taim

Mazrim Taim, report to Master Faruk for mental reconditioning.

This thread is gold.

Does this mean I could sell it for like a load of cash? I could use the money.