Happy about Happy Feet

I just saw it last night. It’s easily the most original american animated film in YEARS. The music was amazing, the visuals and animation was downright breathtaking. It went from cute to dark and surreal at the drop of a hat, and certainly left me guessing as to how it was going to end. The script was extremely goofy and it was kind of hard to tell what was going on (first “heart song” then “be yourself” then “save our fish”). But I’ll be damned if it wasnt one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable animated films in ages. It also had some nice “blink and miss it” moments for the grownups (where Mumble and Gloria are tripping over each other), so that was a plus.

I had totally written it off just from the initial trailers, and even though reviews were solid, still went into it with pretty low expectations. I was wrong.

Oh, and Hugh Jackman has some mad acting chops. He’s going to be one of my favorite actors at the rate he’s going. I couldnt tell it was him even though I knew who he was.


Hugh Jackman. I’m seeing it, then. No hope of avoidance.

yeah but Surfs Up is going to kick Happy Feets ass

I expect to like the movie a lot- I even went to Wikipedia and read all the spoilers- you know me, those don’t bother me- and I’ll watch it as soon as I can. Sadly, it looks like my family would, once again, rather stay home and watch a pirated copy. Their loss.

Does it have Jackman?
If not, this wins. Sorry. GG.

Um, Hugh Jackman already is the best. I might even go see The Fountain, just because he’s in it. He’s my super secret crush. :smiley: Wait, not so secret.

no but you just cant beat surfing penguins

Let’s be friends!

Zhare: Yes, you can. With Hugh Jackman, to be precise.

not if its a movie about surfing penguins opposed to one about dancing penguins

I can’t bear to look at the title and at the picture for the movie. I can’t bear the idea that they have songs that they sing. I can’t take that kind of shit anymore. I liked Ice Age and I dig that category of movie, but ESPECIALLY the damn singing, I can’t push aside to force myself to go watch it. Its just all too saccharine. The very idea of how saccharine it looks pushes me to ARRRRRRGHHHHH.

“Come and meet… those happy feet! On an icy flume, they’re tapping a tune: a funky penguin beat.” AAAARRRRRRGH

Do you need some sugar? :slight_smile:

Damn! Almost saw the movie today… but then I found out there are no early showings here (?) and I couldn’t stay late because I promised I’d help my best friend repair his kitchen. Besides, I had to spend the money on some presents, anyway. :frowning:

I’ll see if I can catch it later…

Are you volunteering?

Didn’t Happy Feet outsell Casino Royale on opening week(end)?

I enjoyed it…but i doubt it did.

Actually, it DID! 0_0

Finally saw the movie… in a pirated disc my sister bought, as I expected. (What? Was I supposed to tell my little nephew I wouldn’t watch the movie with him because I’m opposed to piracy? I don’t think he would understand what it means.) :thud: It looked and sounded TERRIBLE; at one point, the pirate covered the screen with his hand; he actually APOLOGIZED for it at the end!! :eek:

Still, I liked the movie, even though it was in Spanish, which robbed it of its All-Star cast voice acting, not to mention that some of the songs were translated into Spanish (I don’t mean A Mi Manera (My Way) which was sung by Ramon (Robin Williams) in Spanish in the original version) and just didn’t sound as good.

I’m definitely seeing this movie again, either in Theaters or in the real DVD version, pirates be damned!

Jack Sparrow says: “Hey, whatever did I do to you, Amigo?” HIC! :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Crap! It did? Wow…i guess i underestimated the penguins. Darn flight-less birds.-- Any who, my favorite part was the spainish singing part…I love it. ^^

Tap dancing penguins, quite great.
I liked the movie. It was funny.
And all the in the water scenes scared the crud out of me, since I have an unreasonable fear of open water. ^^

The singing’s not like in other movies of this type. I expected it to be Disney-esque or like a musical… it’s really quite different from that. None of the songs are originals, they aren’t sappy solos or duets or any of that. A lot of the time you can’t even tell exactly what they’re singing, since they like to do big mash-ups of songs played together.