Happy 4th of July.

Happy fourth of July! I just thought I’d say that.

I feel special…

Yeah. Happy 4th of July to all of those people here who live in the United States (otherwise it is just another day ^_^)

Yeah… I forgot the…
Canadians are here…

<img src=“http://free.inkfrog.com/pix/DanteCole/Unnamed.gif” width=50 height=75> with a giant firecracker in his hands HEHEHEHEH!

Happy 4th everyone, I still hate America :D.

Time for some Sousa.

I’ve got an idea! Let’s go EarthBound style!.. Let’s go shoot some stray dogs with bottle rockets.

<img src=“http://free.inkfrog.com/pix/DanteCole/Unnamed.gif” width=50 height=75> HELL YEAH! LETS KILL EM! quickly invents the firecracker gun 349623458732(not really, I just like big numbers)!!!

I’ll use this! Picks up a bat.

Is it Cracked? OR HOW ABOUT CRAZY!?

No! I stole it from Casey! (Heh… Casey Bat… heh…)

Yeah, happy 4th of July.

Yeah happy fourth of july:D

Happy 4th of July… and happy b-day to my mom. :slight_smile: We’re going to Sea World to celebrate~ whee~

And some fireworks!

/sound zeekysong.mp3

I love this day. Where we celebrate our love for our country by blowing it up.

Unfortunately, here in Conneticut, all the GOOD stuff is illegal. :frowning:

But my mom promised me that when we take our vacation this year, it’ll be to someplace where you can buy this stuff year-round. :o

Yeah…fireworks are illegal in Arizona…


Happy 4th of July, everyone. :cool:

sets off a few bottle rockets

Happy 4th of July.

Yeah, happy International Hacking Day. Check your websites people… A contest is going on today to see who’s the top hacker in the world :\