Happy 420 everyone!


sacks those who celebrated and worshipped the 20th(the ones not celebrating a birthday)


(for the record I’m not a stoner =p)

Um…pardon me for asking, but whats so special about today?

No both would be tortured and killed, but hes dead so kinda silly to celebrate his birthday.

It is, apparently, some special high holy day for pot smokers, which they celebrate by smoking a lot of pot… in other words, by doing something they do regularly on normal days.

As to why 4/20 is burn the ganja day, I have no clue, cuz, every time I ask my contacts in the reefer culture, they always just go “duuuuuude, 4/20 man, gotta light up!” and never explain the significance of the holiday.

“But why?”

‘Cuz it’s 420 man!’

“But why 420 specifically?”

‘dude, I’m so hungry right now…’

I’ve heard divergent theories, but have no backup for any of them. Bob Marley’s birthday, Penal code number for marijuana possession/use, Bob Dylan’s “Everybody must get stoned” song (entitled “rainy day women 12 and 35” …12 x 35 =420).

Time of day 4:20 pm, national time for kids to toke up, after they get home and get together.



I have a dorm friend whose birthday is 4/20. The kicker? He’s Jewish.

No ya see, I was curious about the whole 4:20 thing too, so I ferociously dug into the deep dirty subculture of pot heads. The information I have gathered both answers, and does not answer the question. Apparently in Jamaica, they would be working all the time, and most of them got breaks at 4:20, which was their only chance to get a little weed in for the day. That explains the whole time thing, but for the day itself, I don’t know. I’ve heard its the day Jerry Garcia died, or they’re all dirty nazis.

Happy 4/20.

4 20 is also the day of the Columbine shooting. 5 years now yesterday.

Never heard of it. o_O Which is probably the least surprising thing this year.

Lol… I really don’t understand why you would do that on a certain day, or why 4/20 was picked… It’s really stupidin my opinion. XD Oh well. :hahaha;

Hey, that’s a good idea! Let’s all get high at 4:20 on 4/20! Now the cops will never know when we’re getting high so they’ll never know when to do the drug searches!

My God, how dumb do you have to be? Declairing a time and date for illegal activity is just stupid…of course so is lighting up, so whatever.

I was hoping no one would start one of these threads. Oh well.

Bing, the police cannot be everywhere at once. Not only this, but if they went scouring for pot smokers on 4/20, a clever and more serious criminal would commit their crime THEN- when the police were occupied.

My friends got high yesterday. Twas no fun. Drugs are for looooooooosers! :cool:

How would you know it wasn’t fun if you didn’t do it? I don’t smoke pot anymore, but I can say one thing- it IS fun. It’s horrible for your health and makes you look like a complete moron, but only a fool would say it isn’t fun.

Unless you get some other stuff mixed in and then have your friend (who is also stoned on the same stuff) drive through a fucking blizzard- then it’s pretty scary. Drugs aren’t even necessarily for losers. I think it’s a stupid thing to do, but then so is eating fast food. Is that for losers, too?