Happy 21st birthday Sonoko

no just kidding not happy birthday you stupid fukn bitch lol :ulty::ulty::ulty:

For nostalgia’s sake enjoy these classic RPGC threads about japan’s dumbest person


Even KaiserBasara, perhaps the only person in the world dumber than her, got in some callout action

And here, look at this fucking dumbass being a white knight because ^^ OMG JAPANESE GIRL KAWAII ^^ fuck you and die Ninten you down-under mother-fucker


So has anybody on the forums ever been stupider than sonoko?

Note I did not include a poll in this post because the only answer is no, and a poll with only one answer would just be totally wacky!!! also I didn’t want to insult the intelligence of our dear rpgclassics main forum posters

I don’t remember Sonoko. Or anyone else really. Except like Spazzy and Trillian. I don’t know what happened to those guys. But this Sonoko chick sounds hot and interesting with a great personality. Zepp, I think maybe you’re just jealous of her? Because she was so much more popular than you and people liked her? And now you’re still holding a grudge after half a decade? C’mon man. She was cho kawaii desu. gtfo.

Last I heard Trillian was killed by a run-by downhill clotheslining. Spazzy is the prime suspect wanted by police, and they are currently searching places they think he might be hiding out in, such as petsmart jerking off into the kitty litter or…well no, they’re pretty sure that’s where he is.

Haha wow, I remember that “Dear Sonoko” thread. All capital letters are fun.

“I have seen millions of gigabytes of anime”

Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated, I assure you.

Hey Trilly! Glad you see you around here alive and kicking :).

So you’re not quite dead, then?

Say Trillian, when did you become a poet?

I didn’t know it.

millions of gigabytes of anime is roughly equivalent to the amount of data the Large Hedron Collider will analyze in a year. Therefore, Basara has seen enough anime to literally rip the universe a new black hole asshole.

Now if that isn’t honorable I don’t know what is.

I had a twenty-first birthday and I believe in gender equality so I dont’ have to wait as long for bathrooms and to end the controversy over the singular “they.” That’s pretty dumb.

I used to be really nice.

I’m still not nice :smugyoshi: :smug: :gaybear:

I love how that comes off as rude, but it’s very subtly a compliment. Well-played, good sir

But that doesn’t make any sense, you’re a guy, you’re the one with the lower waiting time! God at least have logical reasons for your ridiculous, radical opinions.

Maybe he lives in a place with a single unisex bathroom…? >.>

I went back to read that thread hoping for an answer, and only learned that Xwing’s phrasing really creeps me out. Well, that and that despite that fact that I advocated calling all people “it,” people seemed to think I wanted “person” used as the replacement “pronoun” instead. I don’t really know how that was misconstrued, but I think that’s really where the disagreement came from; replacing all pronouns with “person” is just stupid, I could see why people would disagree with that.