hapoy burithday to ne

Im so firingin g dunrink right now. happay brirth day tpo em!

Man, I didn’t get drunk until weeks after my 21st. Regardless, happy birthday. I hope it doesn’t taste too much worse coming back up.

dued ,the ewworld of warcraft servcesr are down. I wantde to get drunk int gamae toeo. Dmnit

so yaha, i ahsoul go to sleep now, thyping is hard

you guys alli rock even thouhg we disagree on alot o fstuff. hades, you rock, shin, you too, so does igadonta somthin smhtin.

trinity is thei coooelrst girl oin the aworld. evn more so tham vcammy whish is alot <3 you!

mods of the forunm rule, you all rule, im so tiresd now and needs speleep

thesrs so many pmoutnain dew cans on my destk, is hould clean up.

isnt mistr saturn a nintendo thing? i remeber him in smashbrosthers melee

k, om not ognna drink anumore. it makes mey gfingers move salll slowly and shard to press buttons om y kepyboard.

muy feeet are aso heavy, i myah fally sleep at myf desk.

night veiyery one, i loveouyall!

Jesus, even after downing a bottle and a half of scotch I’m not that drunk… O_O

Izlude might be funnier when he’s drunk than Infonick.

I played a pretty damn funny game of Tetris Attack last time I was drunk, but I didn’t try typing. I’ll have to give it a whirl…

o,m not dunrk enoughgb, I can strukll youse fphotshop and my webcam eera!

lookit thids

see? thats cammy, and trilian is much bettr tnah her, but dont tell cammy,c ahuse cammy is my girl.

but tirllisn is like the eepetomy of girldom and yah.

i retire to bemd now. shhh

Again, wow. Anyway, in response to where Mr. Saturn is from, as well as any other question anyone ever has about anything, why not <A HREF=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Saturn”>check wikipedia</A>?

Faking it…

Nah, he looked pretty wasted in his pic. I’ll concur that he is a wuss, however. I drank every day for 6 months after my 21st. Was so wasted on New Year’s eve that I ran around the streets naked at 4:30 in the morning during a very cold Ohio winter. it was 10 below zero at the time. I didn’t feel shit. The wise men had a hold of me, as did the 151 and the Jager. (before you nitpick about the ‘a’ character needing dots, I don’t have any language besides English on my keys). After I got back from New York and into my Mom’s house in Colorado was when I finally slowed down. And altitude affects your drunk buzz differently. I do enough heavy drinking here, I could go back down to sea level and drink a 12 pack to the head without catching a buzz. At higher altitudes(I live more than a mile above sea level) , your drunk buzz kicks in a little faster than it does at sea level. But because of the reduced air pressure, you don’t feel the need to urinate as often.


Rolls eyes

So how many wine coolers did you have to drink to get this intoxicated?