Haou Taikei Ryu Knight

[b]Hi all,im new in this forum,and im looking for some help with Haou Taikei Ryu Knight:Road of the Paladin.

Well,i dont know japanese,i have a FAQ of the game but it isnt very good,and im stuck in the second chapter of the game.

In the second chapter,a cactus block the route,and i dont know what to do,when i approach to the cactus,a message appear,but the message its in japanese,i dont know what mean.

The FAQ tell that it dont know what to do with the cactus and that i must pass to the next chapter,but im stuck in the third chapter too,because a found a city (where the FAQ says that i must go),but the city is a dead end,and no people of the city talk to me,(anyway if people talk to me i wont understand them because it will be in japanese). :bowser:

So,im looking for anyone who want help me,i think Haou Taikei Ryu Knight its a funny game,but i dont know what to do,if anyone knows a better FAQ of the game or anyone knows how to past the game or a little of japanese answer me please! :hyperven:

I hope that anyone answer me,because the game its appointed in this page,and i entrust that anyone have played the game and know what to do.

Not more,sorry for the english and thanks to all anyway.[/b]