Halo on the big screen?

This is a bit of an old news but Im sure most people didnt know.


It would be awesome if Halo were made into a movie!

Yes. Yes it would be.

Normally I’d say it’d be another shooter similar to Starship Troopers, only with different aliens. But if Alex Garland’s doing the script I think it’ll have a good chance.

One of the things that gets a lot of ‘game movies’ ruined is low budgets, and directors that want things their way, regardless of how true it is to the game. So, I have hopes because from what I hear, Microsoft will NOT let someone direct the movie unless they do so by their standards and demands.

Man, starship toopers was friggin awesome, I’d love to see halo in that light. All gory and cheesy and shit. With the master chief spouting countless “I ooze with generec armored badass” punchlines…

Man, that would be cool!

I saw Starship Troopers when it first came out. I thought it was cool, and a good movie.

Then I read the book.

The movie sucks ass. To take something so powerful and serious, like the book, and turn it into a mindless action comedy is sacrilage.

Speaking of novels, they better have the author of the first and third Halo novels have some hand in it, those were surprisingly good, insofar as VG-based novels go. Eric Nylund, thats his name.

I do know Bungie has a ‘halo bible’ that is an outline for what is allowed and what isn’t for Halo-related stuff, that the Novel Authors had to follow, and that following is a part of Microsofts terms, so theres a hope its done tastefully.

From what I’ve read, the Halo games already ARE like a hollywood action movie ( a WELL done one, like ALIENS) so making a movie out of them is a logical next step. I specially like how Halo 2 gives the players the chance to see things from “the other side’s” point of view, inventing a dynamic alien culture along the way. My only complaint about Halo is that it rip offs (without credit, as far as I know) Larry Niven’s concept of an artificial Ring-shaped planet (from the RINGWORLD novels, duh). I fear the current generation might conclude the Halo games invented the idea.

magic 8 ball says: no.

dude, a halo movie would be about as cool as an icecube in the arctic circle, so the magic eight ball was screwed in the brain when you checked it man.

I don’t get it.

What exactly would be so great about a Halo movie? The plot is not all that great. The reason why the game is so popular is the gameplay.

Why not just make an original sci-fi movie.