Halo in Book Form

yeah, so i found a couple halo books in the mall. there was a box set of three for around $20 so i bought 'em.

Book 1: The Fall of Reach
the first book is a prequel to the first game and covers master chief’s training, upbringing within the spartan program and several missions taken by himself and his team* it’s extremely interesting and probably one of the best books i’ve read in a while. the thing i liked about it the most was that it actually made you care about what happened to the characters other than master chief, even though you know that some of them will inevitably die.

Book 2: The Flood
the second book covered all the events of the first halo game. having played the game through, it wasn’t anything new, but i thought it was cool to get the story from the perspective of the helljumpers and capt. keyes. this one had a different author (although books 1 and 3 all had the same author) so switching writing styles kind of slowed me down a bit. still, both authors did extremely well in the battle descriptions. so i guess all in all the second book was good as well.

Book 3: First Strike
this one picked back up with the same author that wrote the first book. remember at the end of the first game where cortana says something about there only being dust and echoes? well the chief keeps searching for a while and they find another ship containing a comatose spartan, a helljumper, a pilot, and gasp SARGE!!! they finally explain how sarge escaped, even though it doesn’t fit with the ending you see when you beat legendary, it still wraps things up rather nicely.
after that they head back to Reach and find out through various situations (i don’t want to ruin too much) that some of the chief’s former spartan team is still alive!
you’ll have to read it to find out the rest.

anyways, what i really wanted to know was if anyone knew whether or not these were the only books. the fate of one of my favorite characters is still an unknown and i really wanna know what happens, so if there are any other books, or if they’re in the process of being written, that you know of, could y’all let me know? thanks. btw, i’d highly recommend these books to even people who aren’t fans of the game. one of those things where you don’t wanna play the game, but wanna know the whole story? this is one of those things.

*1. the first book made my friend realize that being spartan 117 meant that master chief wasn’t the only spartan.

Old news.

okay, so it’s old news, but are there only three books or what?