Halo 3

Played it and beat it. Well, the last half anyway.

It played more like an expansion of Halo 2. We played co-op and cruised through on normal. Some spots looked tough to play alone and looked like they’d be real hairy through the higher difficulty levels. And the final stage is ridiculous and almost frustrating.

I played on a little of the multiplayer components, but since my friend doesn’t have XBox Live then we didn’t play extensively. Theres a bunch of new maps as well as a map editor type thing called the Forge. There are also some weapons available in multiplayer that don’t seem to be in the regular game.

Personally, from what I played, I think it’s way too short, which brings me back to the expansion pack idea. The GUI also has some odd changes, and the new controls for the 360 controller are a little hard to adjust to at first if you played Halo 2 as much as I did, but in the end are just as fluid and, in my opinion, far more responsive than in the first game. The gameplay woes that plagued Halo 2 are no longer.

Overall, I liked it. The ending is sufficient and not overwhelming but not lacking either. And stay tuned after the credits. Anybody else played it?

The guy on my floor with a 360 was mentioning getting a copy, so I’ll play it this weekend. Personally, I’m looking forward to Half-Life 2 Episode Two more.

Please tell me that you just play as Master Chief and not the arbiter or any other characters. That was my main gripe with Halo 2. Each time I played as the Arbiter, I couldn’t wait to get hte level over with to get back to the Master Chief. I kept hoping that the Arbiter parts were just little mini-game segments or something. Needless to say I didn’t play Halo 2 to death like I did Halo.

Halo 3 is excellent. I’m really enjoying it. I’m also looking forward to HL2 ep 2. I’m playing 2p coop and my partner is the arbiter.

Yeah, if you just play the game alone then you’re always the Master Chief. But if you play Co-Op then every other player is the Arbiter. The Arbiter also follows you around in the single player missions like a marine.

Awesome game. Me and a friend just beat it. I like how there’s new vehicles to pilot. Even if some of them are kinda useless coughMongoosecough**cough

The mongoose is fun to drive, that things fast. But the Brute chopper and the Hornet are fun to drive, although I think the Hornet’s a little useless.

What is the point of the mongoose anyway? its just a jacked up atv. All you can really use it for is to get you somewere or run someone over with it.

That’s the point of the Mongoose. It’s a scouting vehicle that’s rather useful for stuff like Assault or CTF when playing multiplayer.

Oh. I normally sneak through eneamy lines. I should try that more often. Run people over and get the flag.

I finished Halo 3. I liked it a lot. I find that coop is A LOT more enjoyable than single player. The game I find was not designed for solo play, which sucks because the game looks pretty good without the split screen. The stupidity of the AI driving the vehicles if you’re firing or firing if you’re driving makes it such that I need to redo the same sequence 10 times or just ignore the enemy as I try to ram through. In contrast, with coop, its easy to just go around and take everyone down.

Mind you, this is having played the game on normal. I just started a co op heroic and jesus fucking christ, legendary has got to be insane.

Really, in truth, I think Halo 3 relies too much on the co-op/multiplayer bit. Look at it this way, after playing the campaign once or twice solo there really isn’t much left for you to do. Doing a 4-man legendary scarab takedown is alot more fun than just doing it your self.
Don’t get me wrong, Halo 3 is fun and even better with freinds but the single player felt like it was gypped in favor of multiplayer.

How 'bout that Theater mode? There’s some awesome graphics screen shots to be taken there!

Yeah, and the Forge is super fun too. Stacking up everything explosive in the game and blowing it all up is quite the fireworks show.

I beat the game on Heroic single player, and I agree that the game is kind of geared towards co-op. The last few levels are hard just because of sheer numbers (the Cortana level especially), I’m not sure I could ever get through legendary solo.

I never really got into the whole Halo buzz, and honestly I wasn’t too impressed with the game. I never bothered with single player, and only played Co-op, but even then it wasn’t as impressive as I was lead to believe it was going to be.

Mind you I was playing Gears of War at the same time, which probably ruined any of the uniquenesses of Halo 3 as Gears is so unbelievably awesome.

That being said, I never played over Xbox live with Halo 3, so perhaps that holds it’s true strengths.


That’s exactly what halo is. It’s not very good, but it’s definitely not bad.
It’s just average.

I got a chance to play it when I drove back home to pick up some stuff two weeks ago or whenever it was. It was okay. Just run-of-the-mill halo with a bit better graphics.