Halo 3 Images leaked (more like 133ked)

no obviously…360 only…


Hey assholes this thread seriously then get out.

No of course not, why would you be able to?

Holy shit. My friend, who happens to work in Microsoft sweatshops (making casemods no less) overheard one of the supervisors of the rabid dogs talking about something about Halo 3. With his top-notch sleuthing skills, he found some images; most of which are too horrifying to show the public.

However, I did recieve this image from him.

It looks different from your pictures, however. Perhaps Bates (Bill Gates lol) will release two versions? A die-hard X-box360 and Halo fan would love both versions.

You ruin everything, Setz. You really do.



It is very well possible the version setz has is only a forebear to the portable system Microsoft is developing.

I’ve been wanking to Hermione/Ron fanfics!

My type post!

something about this post just screams OFF TOPIC!! seriously, get back to halo. now, did they change the theme again, or did they keep the steve vai version?