Halo 3 Images leaked (more like 133ked)

Being the “elite” gamer I am I have come across some LEAKED screenshots of the new Xbox360 game “Halo 3” made by “Bungle”. How did I come across these you ask? Well, my Uncle Jim just so happens to know Microsoft CEO William “Bill” Gates. Mr. Gates gave these pictures to my Uncle as a present, as long as he promised to stop breaking into his many garages to steal and consume his numerous bottles of anti-freeze. Well here they are boys, raw un-edited TOTALY PIRATED pictures of HALO 3!

It looks like in this screen shot, that this will be mainly a vehicle based “Tactical Space Combat” shooter. The ship Master Chef drives has been code named “the tri-angle” and can turn a FULL 360 degrees. It is armed with a pellet based weapons system, and there is a rumor (keep this on the down and low for sure) that there is a super cool “hyperspace mode” that can be used as a last resort. Halo three also uses something called “Three button technology” (or TBT) so you can actualy play this game using only 3 buttons!

It looks like the Covenant or flood is mainly using a “rock tossing” combat stratagy. As Master Chef it is your job to shoot these rocks into smaller rocks untill they pose no harm. I know the game looks a little rough right now, but keep in mind that the bit mapping or mode 7 graphics have not been added in yet.

What is this? Another ship! Is it enemy or ally? Covenant, Flood, or good old USA? No one but Bill Gates knows for sure! One thing we do know for sure is that halo 3 will be a spectacular game! I can only hope they port a version over to Dreamcast so I can hope to enjoy it as much as the “big dogs” who bought the Xbox360.

Hot dayamn, gurl. This is exciting

master chef? rofls:D i thinks you made a mistake there…

EDIT: k, after reading the whole thing, it seems you meant to do that, but that’s what jumped out at me first…

such vibrant colors and realistic graphics. O_O

i’m expecting a lot from the audio in this game. how bout weapon variety?

Mmmmm… I like it!

More importantly, will it support multiplayering?

i hear rumors of deathmatches and ctf, but apparently all other modes of mp are either under construction as we speak, or will not be available.





insert fake shock and horror
asteroids?! you mean we’ve been deceived?!?!

Um, no, if you look closely you can see an elite piloting the mystery spaceship.

I mean, it’s not the latest “Final Seferothing” game, but it’s still exciting news.

that looks more like a brute to me…

This looks shopped. I can tell by looking at some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time.

If you keep talking like that, I’m going to shop my fist into your face.

Nah, he’s probably being paid by microsoft to deny that these are real Halo 3 images.

aahhh…i see. that explains things…i’ve seen other images like this floating around the internet.

Ssh, don’t reveal the codename!

Ahh, I found Beta copy in a Yorkshire Pub, It’s was very Dusty, and the coin slot for Play only accepts my 20p peices, the other coins did not get accept. The Pub had been Diserted for at least 10 years and it was hidden in the corner. I was helping the New owner remove the Non Standard Fire Alarm with “Dave”.

Good Ol’ Dave. :slight_smile:

lolol magination ramza lolol

hory shit can i play it on my nes and colecovision?